Anonymous MENTIONED:
Is the headmistress available for play?

No, she is not. She’s a NPC so that I can manipulate her as I wish. c: However, all other teachers/staff are playable. 

Anonymous MENTIONED:
can i reserve anais pouliot for izzy, please?


can you reserve skye stracke for nessa, please? (:

Done and done!

gideonprewetts MENTIONED:
May I please reserve Dianna Agron for Nadda?

Of course.

Anonymous MENTIONED:
Who are the admins?

Just one admin - Jay. 

katernara MENTIONED:
could you reserve ellen page for ruth please?


Anonymous MENTIONED:
generally how old are the characters to be?

Students get their letters to attend the school at 16. So first years are roughly 16-17. They attend Ipswitch for 4 years. They can get their letters late. So anywhere from 16+. The professors are typically 25+. Anywhere in that range is acceptable.

i'm so impressed right now by all the thought that has gone into this site. may i ask what country ipswitch is set in?

Thank you very much! It is set in New England, thus the US. However, we’ll allow characters from any country.

Ahh, okay then. Can I reserve Andrew Garfield for a face claim, then? I'm a bit partial to him. :) And I'm Alicia, by the way, if you'd like a name.

Reserved for you for three days after the site opens!

Anonymous MENTIONED:
So, will we be allowed to reserve face claims before the site opens?

Yes. Tumblr followers are allowed to reserve faces. However, once the site opens, we will not allow any further reservations.